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Union Sailing Metal Alloys Co., Ltd (called US metals) is a subsidiary of Union Sailing group, and is one of the world's leading Ferro-Alloys and Master Alloys manufacturer and distributor. US Metals was founded in 2002 and since then has built a strong base of loyal customers worldwide.

Quality is the way of life at US Metals. We have provided the world with metals and alloys of the highest quality at the most competitive price. We have contact with leading producers in China, Russia, Mexico and South Africa enabling us to offer the highest quality products at best prices with flexible terms. US Metals maintains a strong global presence with offices in ...

● Commitment to Service: US metals has developed strong links with leading world producers, exporting a wide range of high quality products direct to the overseas market;
● Competitive Pricing: US metals are committed to minimize costs to ensure our customers receive the most competitive prices;
● Continuity of Supply: Our International Partners
have demonstrated a firm commitment to US metals and their local consumers over many years, therefore assuring customers of a reliable long-term supply;
● Ex-Stock Availability: It is US metals company Policy to hold a minimum of 3 months stock for all products in our China warehouse. Stock levels are closely managed by the Materials Controller to ensure we meet every customer's order requirements;
● Technical Excellence: US metals Metallurgists work closely with our international partners to provide a high level of technical expertise and innovation for our customers...

Name Price Valid time
 Silicon Manganese 6517  FOB Zhanjiang USD1500/mt  2014-7-28
 Calcium Carbide  FOB Tianjin USD620/mt  2014-7-28
 Ferro Silicon Magnesium  FOB Tianjin USD1550/mt  2014-7-28
 Manganese Briquette  FOB Huangpu USD2400/mt  2014-7-28
 Ferro Silicon 75%  FOB Tianjin USD1350/mt  2014-7-28
 Magnesium Metal 99.9%  FOB Tianjin USD2700/mt  2014-7-28
 Silicon Manganese 6014  FOB Zhanjiang USD1250/mt  2014-7-28
 HC Ferro Manganese 75%  FOB Zhanjiang USD1550/mt  2014-7-28
 HC FeCr 60% Lumpy  CIF Ningbo USD1/lb  2014-7-28
 Fluorspar 90%  FOB Tianjin USD250/mt  2014-7-28
 Calcined Petroleum Coke 98.5%  FOB Dalian USD520/mt  2014-7-28
 Lead Ore 60%  CIF Shanghai USD760/mt  2014-7-28
 Cr Ore 42% Lumpy Iran Origin  CIF Shanghai USD330/mt  2014-7-28
 HC FeCr 45% Fines  CIF Shanghai USD0.90/lb  2014-7-28
 Cr Ore 42% Fines SA Origin  CIF Shanghai USD230/mt  2014-7-28
Home About us Services Products Enquiry Contact FAQ
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